It appears as though Congress may have another government shutdown on the way.

Lawmakers have until midnight Friday to approve a spending bill, or America will see the government’s funding authority lapse for the third time this year. Negotiations on the roughly $1.3 trillion legislation to fund the government through the end of September have slowed, despite Congress reaching a deal earlier this year setting spending levels.

The bill would implement last month’s big budget agreement, providing 10 percent increases for both the Pentagon and domestic agencies when compared with current levels, according to CBS News. This spending bill, in addition to last year’s tax cut measure, would mean the return of trillion-dollar budget deficits as soon as the budget year starts in October.

The disagreements that will emerge between Republicans and Democrats in regard to this bill have much to do with immigration and health care. The Trump administration floated pairing money for the president’s proposed border wall with protections for the immigrants, but the idea fell flat. Court battles have left DACA in place, for now at least. In addition, Trump is still not giving up the border wall battle.

Recently, the so-called president traveled to California to inspect prototypes for the wall. What’s pending now is $1.6 billion for earlier designs involving sections in Texas that double as levees and 14 miles of replacement fencing in San Diego.
However, Democrats will not cave into Trump’s demands for big increases for immigration agents.

Leaders of both parties sought an agreement by Monday night, according to the Associated Press. That would set the stage for a House vote by Wednesday. But if Republicans and Democrats can’t seem to nail down the spending bill, in the next few days, they will be risking another shutdown, which will affect millions of Americans once again.