The Far Right has responded to the Parkland massacre by spewing conspiracy theories, liars, and half-truths in their arguments for the presence of guns in the classroom. Donald Trump Jr. has encouraged the madness by “liking” tweets on his personal Twitter account. In many of these liked tweets, obscure websites call one of the survivors a Democratic plant, positioned there by the FBI to strip people of their rights.

Now the president of the United States has decided lower himself into this hellhole by lifting and amplifying a conspiracy theorist. On Saturday, President Donald Trump chose to praise Wayne Dupree in a retweet, although it was unrelated to the Parkland massacre:

Dupree is the same man who claimed that the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre involved several crisis actors. This is a massacre that left 28 people dead, including 20 first graders. Dupree called grieving parents “crisis actors,” who were planted to strip Americans of their guns.

The basis of this argument by Dupree is the parent’s supposed lackluster display of emotion. He called these parents “unemotional, detached, contrived” – even though people show grief and sadness in an infinite amount of ways. Not only that, but emotions can also be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways as well.

Dupree is back at it again after the Parkland tragedy:

Trump Administration Helping Conspiracy Theorists
Now the president is aiding in broadcasting this nonsense – but if you’ve been following Trump on his social media pages for a while, you’ll know that this is not beyond him. Trump has a history of conceptualizing fringe conspiracies. He has retweeted fake anti-Muslim videos, a group who already have to deal with a rise of bigotry. Last November, Trump also retweeted a website that focused on baseless claims of child sacrifices, earthquake machines, and organ harvesting.

These folks live in another universe, and it’s so frustrating that our president decides to engage with this nonsense.