Trump’s hour-long racist rant he called the State of the Union Address was not as warmly received as he may have hoped.

Oh, there were plenty of hoots and hollers from Republicans, but that’s to be expected — if Trump had made a speech about green being his favorite color and sometimes fantasizing about Big Macs while he watches Fox and Friends in bed, the Republican members of Congress that have been scrambling to cover his ass in the Russia investigation would have cheered like he was announcing free landscaping by the ambiguously brown immigrant of your choice.

That’s not what he did, of course. He once again ranted and raved about how horrible everything is, despite his undertones calling for “unity” and cooperation between parties, races, and families. He went on and on about MS-13 and violent gangs, about ICE, and about “chain migration,” the racist phrase that Republicans have begun using to refer to the decades-old legal practice known as “family reunification.”

But what about the young people that just months ago Trump told “not to worry” about their legal status, the DREAMers who avail themselves of the Deferred Action protections afforded to them by President Obama? Trump addressed them as well — exactly once. Where Trump USED to speak highly of them…

…tonight he used the same white supremacist language coined by notorious racist Rep. Steve King of Iowa, who sought to reclaim the word “dreamer” for white people by insisting that “Americans are dreamers too!” If that sounds more than a little like “All Lives Matter” to you, you’re not alone. And how do I know it’s the language of white supremacists? Well, guess who was following along with Trump’s speech tonight:

So as always, the KKK is fully behind Donald Trump and his racist policies. But hey, unity, right?