On Donald Trump’s horrific Inauguration Day, First Lady Melania Trump made a mystery out of her meeting with Michelle and Barack Obama by giving the outgoing First Lady a mysterious blue Tiffany & Co. box. As the moment was captured on camera, everyone was asking “What’s in the box?” And now, we finally know.

Michelle has just revealed the answer to Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode that will air on Thursday. In the segment, Michelle finally put everyone’s curiosity to rest as she stated that Melania had given her a “lovely frame.”

Michelle also revealed some pretty hilarious details about that moment, explaining that Melania’s gift exchange — although a kind gesture — had broken the inauguration protocol and created a frantic moment for the Obamas right on the steps of the White House as cameras were rolling. Michelle stated that the moment that Melania gave her the gift was confusing and unexpected. She said:

“There’s all this protocol. This is like a state visit. They tell you you’re gonna do this, you’re going to stand here. Never before do you get this gift, so I’m sort of like, ‘OK, what am I supposed to do with this gift?”

Fortunately, our amazing former president saved the day (as usual). Michelle continued:

“Everyone cleared out and no one would come and take the box. I’m thinking, do we take the picture with [it]? Then my husband saved the day. He grabbed the box and took it back inside.”

In footage of Trump’s White House arrival on Inauguration Day, you can hear Obama directing everyone to follow protocol, but when Michelle gets the mysterious box she is clueless about what to do. Obama swoops in to rescue her, saying “We will take care of the protocol” before taking the box inside quickly.

You can watch this erratic moment that Melania caused below: