Every time there’s a State of the Union address by ANY president, pundits, bloggers, and reporters spend most of their time not necessarily listening, but instead reading between the lines of not just the speech, but the body language, symbols, signs, and behavior of those in attendance.

Generally, the most responsive people to any given leaders SOTU speech are the opposition, in terms of actually making political statements in the chamber where the oration is delivered. Supporters will cheer, sometimes ridiculously, and for meaningless nonsense — seemingly just to pump up the leader of their party.
But sometimes the people you might never expect to make a statement, make the ones that are loudest of all. And tonight, that was Melania Trump.

Not only did the First Lady arrive at the speech separately from her husband — yet another sign of the strains on their marriage after the news of Trump’s affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels surfaced in the Wall Street Journal — but Melania was also wearing something rather curious to some observers:

That’s right: The current First Lady did a little throwback to a woman who was First Lady long before her, Hillary Clinton. And not only was Clinton the First Lady, but she is the kind of accomplished, successful woman that both Melania and even Donald’s daughter Ivanka are always talking about — although they never overtly refer to her, of course.

Or perhaps Melania was doing one even better than poking Trump in the eye with a reference to his opponent in the presidential race. Maybe she was hearkening back even further, to Trump’s primary female opposition in Congress, Nancy Pelosi, and the #WomenWearWhite movement that was intended to stand up to him almost a year ago:

Either way, it’s clear that Melania was sending a message to her sexist, cheating, pig of a husband.