Donald Trump is no stranger to being in front of a camera, but a new advertisement that has been produced by progressive group Not One Penny is going to upset the president. Trump will be front and center in a campaign advert by the group that sets out to destroy his tax reforms.

The segment features snippets of audio that are taken from previous Trump appearances on the television and are meant to show Trump telling the “truth” over his tax reforms which the group claims are set to punish the poor and hand tax breaks to the rich.
Jesse Ferguson was pretty excited about the whole thing:

The campaign is part of a wider effort to attack Trump’s recent tax reforms that were heavily criticized by the media for handing large tax breaks to corporate America while taking money away from poorer people and failing to help fund medical care which helps millions of poorer Americans. Trump has been desperately trying to overturn Obama-era reforms and the tax bill, despite being terrible for the country, was a big personal win for Trump. Obama had put in every possible effort to help the poorer members of American society with the Affordable Care Act, but his successor has tried as hard as possible to undo it.

It comes as little surprise that Trump has tried to hand as much money as possible to America’s private sector, as he himself will likely benefit from some of the reforms as he is yet to fully recuse himself from his business empire. Trump is a big supporter of enterprise and he has shown it with handfuls of cash for corporate America.

The advertisement will only add to Trump’s woes as it appears that his marriage is on the rocks after allegations of an affair a decade ago have come to light. This on top of the ongoing special investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller means that being Trump must be a lonely experience right about now.