In even more racist news, it is alleged that President Donald Trump used an accent to imitate the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A senior administrator in the White House informed the Washington Post that President Trump has been known to “affect an Indian accent” whenever he quotes the Indian Prime Minister. Prime Minister Modi has been critical of the United States and its activities in Afghanistan, with him directly communicating his disagreement in a private meeting with the president.

An Increasing Presence In Afghanistan

The United States Army is currently preparing to increase its presence in Afghanistan by more than 1,000 additional troops. Take note that this is on top of the 5,500 service members that President Trump has already installed since his tenure in the White House.

Our President Is A Solidified Racist

Many Americans and politicians have, unfortunately, become desensitized to racism, with people on the Right side of the political spectrum becoming unusually tolerant of intolerance in all its forms. We have lowered the bar for Trump so far, that his shortcomings have largely been glossed over once it passes through the outrage machine.

This report comes on the tail of President Trump’s “sh*thole countries” remark during a private meeting with lawmakers and immigration lawyers, with the comment aimed at Haiti, El Salvador, and countries in Africa.

Then there were several incidents of his racial bias rearing its head: he has failed to criticize white supremacists and nationalists even though they make up a growing portion of domestic crimes, there is video of him avoiding shaking hands of Black admirers, and he even had the audacity to say that Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was for community building – while he dashed away to his golfing resort.

Although his voters knew all of this before they elected him, we perhaps might have known he was the kind of guy to put on a fake accent and mock someone behind their back as well.