Here’s a fact: 60 percent of top-ranking diplomats have left the State Department ever since Donald Trump has taken office. Not only that, but the people who are interested in taking up a position in the foreign service has also decreased, with incoming applications dropping by half. This is recent data stemming from the American Foreign Service Association.

One of the most recent departures was of the United States ambassador to Panama leaving the State Department. John Feeley resigned from his post, noting that he just cannot continue with President Trump at the helm. A US official hinted at President Trump’s recent racist remarks as a reason why so many officials are leaving: “Given what happened in the last few days, people are wondering how are they going to be effective in an environment like this.”

President Trump has vowed to slash the State Department budget, while also undercutting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The exodus is showing the difficulty of our state officials to adhere to Trump’s agenda. A McClatchy report notes that state officials are wrestling with staying or leaving, or if they are “protecting U. S. influence or contributing to its erosion.”

Why Is It So Hard To Work with President Trump?

Well if the tales from Fire and Fury are any indication of Trump’s manners, then we have someone who is conniving and tempers his logic with conspiracy theories. According to the tell-all book, President Trump is a loathsome character; he’s a person who would attempt to trick his friends’ wives into sleeping with him, was ignorant of the Constitution, and wouldn’t read or even skim important pieces of literature or materials.

President Trump is having the opposite effect of former President Barack Obama. During Obama’s tenure in the White House, applications spiked to new highs in June 2009, and between 2009 and 2012, the Obama administration was able to expand the number of foreign diplomats by 21 percent.

Keep trying, Trump. We know that Rex Tillerson, who has long been a thorn in your side as at least a semi-principled member of the Cabinet, has got to be laughing all the way to the State Department.